Absence of an Investment Policy Statement: Subcause of Investment Clubs’ Failure in Uganda

10th September, 2020 There are over eight thousand (8,000) investment clubs in Uganda, according to information by the Investment Clubs Association of Uganda (ICAU). The ICAU was registered and launched in 2012 (about 8 years ago) to bring together investment cubs in the country. By definition, an investment club is a group of persons or […]

Sand Mining Investment Opportunity in Uganda: Olina Waaka?

05th June, 2020 By Julius Masaba About three weeks ago, a gentleman on my LinkedIn network asked me what it would require one to start sand mining and the financing opportunities available, after visiting my LinkedIn profile and seeing my professional background and what I currently do. I guess he also came across some of […]

“Cash is King” and Other Investment Lessons from Warren Buffet

04th May, 2020 By Julius Masaba Last time I left having highlighted to you some of the investment opportunities that are lucrative in economic down turns or crises. I mentioned; capital and money markets, produce trading, transport & logistics, urban vegetable farming and investing in yourself. But in the past few weeks, I have been […]