Shareholders’ Unhappiness With Virtual AGMs

06th October, 2021 By Julius Masaba Many shareholders have been attending annual general meetings (AGMs) physically since time immemorial. Personally, I have attended several of them, others as a proxy. It is quite an experience appearing at these meetings, getting to mingle with the people. From the wealthy and famous to the wealthy and unfamous […]

Invest in this Mushroom Value Chain: US $6,500 Needed in Equity

24th August, 2021 I have always had a knack for mushrooms, especially as an individual. I love eating them, especially when mixed with groundnut paste accompanying mashed plantain (matooke) cooked in banana leaves. My grandma would just pick them from decaying logs and prepare. That’s for me. Anyway, the first time I discovered that mushrooms are […]

Pricing Your Products, Billing For Your Services: Nga You’re Expensive!

13th November, 2020 By Julius Masaba Uganda has a dual economy. Meaning it has both government and private participation in decision making, resource allocation, production, etc. It’s mostly seen as a liberal economy. Ugandan businesses operate in a free market environment, meaning (and most evidently) that some one can start a business and charge a price […]

Absence of an Investment Policy Statement: Subcause of Investment Clubs’ Failure in Uganda

10th September, 2020 There are over eight thousand (8,000) investment clubs in Uganda, according to information by the Investment Clubs Association of Uganda (ICAU). The ICAU was registered and launched in 2012 (about 8 years ago) to bring together investment cubs in the country. By definition, an investment club is a group of persons or […]