Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 2

Photo credit: Africa News Apart from what I said last time, some of the things Europeans do can also baffle you. A few months ago NATO extended Jens Stoltenberg’s contraction for another year as Secretary General or Head, yet he has been in the seat since 2014? But with all that, have they found their “fountain […]

Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 1

Photo credit: Facebook Few weeks back in one of the WhatsApp groups I belong to, one member posted the above image. Ideally, it was screen shot from a post on Facebook. Theoretically, the stock could be valued at more than the combined GDPs of 168 countries or economies, but practically not, even if it were […]

Demystifying Offshore Banking and or Private Banking

15th March, 2023 By Julius Masaba The other Friday (3rd March), I had a meeting with some two gentlemen from a UAE and Indian-based wealth management firm. This was at the coveted Nsambya-based Mestil Hotel. Apparently, they had come for private banking conference (they’re wealth managers) to meet potential clients — investors or High Net […]

Ponzi Scheme as a ‘Lucrative’ Investment Option

23rd February, 2022 By Julius Masaba You must be wondering why I am writing about Ponzi schemes today. First, I was requested by a someone. Secondly, if you read the last article here I wrote before last Christmas, you will know. Anyway, it was an alternative investment suggested in the list of ideas that can […]

Ideas: Turning UGX3 Million into UGX30 Million in Six Months

30th December, 2021 By Julius Masaba With glad tidings… In one social media group of  investment, finance and stock market practitioners, one member asked the question “Is there any secure investment in Uganda that can turn UGX3,000,000 into UGX30,000,000 in six (6) months or is that only possible Kikuubo?” What a question and what a […]