Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 2

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Apart from what I said last time, some of the things Europeans do can also baffle you. A few months ago NATO extended Jens Stoltenberg’s contraction for another year as Secretary General or Head, yet he has been in the seat since 2014? But with all that, have they found their “fountain of wisdom?”

Your guess is as good as mine.

And for all these years we have failed to recognize that all the wisdom in the world of English speakers is in 26 letters and 9 digits. We can’t even revisit Egypt to trace our path from the ancient hieroglyphs.

As for you, just get to know there is no way the West can let Africa be… and given their military and global clout, it’s a fool’s errand thinking an African nation can break free and reach full potential.

Every time President Museveni’s rhetoric is on the problem of identity as what is keeping Africa backwards. Do Africans have a cultural connection which can bind them?

Our poster child Botswana, just concluded extending their diamond mining agreement with DeBeers. For your quick information, the De Beers is solely Anglo-American (British and Americans).

Now, let’s try to understand what makes a geographic location sell more, improve lives of those who stay in that location. It’s the resources here.

Imagine if Botswana was mining the diamonds, polishing them (without foreign interference and bad/thieving a.k.a corrupt internal leadership) then sell polished diamonds to the Anglo-Americans, wouldn’t Botswana alone be bigger than Apple’s market value?

It would, of course also benefit the locals in Botswana…but maybe their education sector would not produce expert diamond minder or engineers (as we shall see this factor later too).

Just know that all these attempts are for naught if we are not accounting for external influences. The best we can equate it to is trying to run a stall in Kampala City without the blessing of KCCA…with the West being KCCA. You may ask why. Because the West must hold us back to subsidize their economy and way of life…simple.

Remember that the West relies on raw materials from Africa, hence it’s to its advantage that:

1. The costs of acquiring those raw materials remains low for them to buy cheap

2. They prevent any value addition of those same resources on the African continent ensuring a market for their products and zero competition for raw materials

Have you ever wondered why for 200 years plus, there’s hardly a viable chocolate factory in West Africa?

Ghana has one company (moreover owned by Germans and Ghanaians) and that is the only largest cocoa producer (not chocolate producer) in West Africa, after one Ivory Coast. Do you think it’s because they (West Africans) don’t like eating chocolate?

All that is external influence, and the West has meddled in almost every section of any African country’s economy. Lets’ look at some of the areas below, where this has and is still happening.

I kindly request that you rank them, on a scale of 1 to 10.

1) Education (Uganda’s NCHE)

2) Trade

3) Innovation and technology

4) Competitiveness

5) Military

6) Reserve status

7) Output

8) Financial centre

Welcome back from that simple exercise.

So, if you look at what actually isn’t right and what is done differently between nations the above areas or more will dominate the list. In fact I am available for a bet with anyone to just show me just one of those factors in Africa that’s not already under influence…just one. From our education to financial centres…all are kow-towed to external influences. We can mine our diamond, gold, copper, aluminium, etc. and I think we can sell it and if we can we have failed to build (financial) capacity (of the citizens) to consume locally.

I can assure you Botswana or Ghana goes that route, within two months, you will hear of political upheaval in those countries, and probably a civil war. That I am sure of.

Everything on the list above depends on the level of education. Kill Education or half bake it, the rest on the list and more will suffer. It’s the single-most important factor. Education creates knowledge, education builds knowledge, skill; it creates opportunities in every field. It gives you power to liberate your mind and yourself as an individual and consequently as a nation.

Mandela was right about education.

But the problem is they still support our curriculum, studying their history, Canadian Prairies and keep telling you “stick to it, it works”, yet the quality is deteriorating. In the end they will even cancel your degrees in their country labelling them expired or poor quality.

Our education started going south in the late 1990. Why? Go find out.

Our politicians, to some extent can’t be to blame. The pressure they work under to remain competent is unimaginable. In fact it’s better to be incompetent. History has shown that they (African politicians) only last as long as Smith desires…they are nothing but stewards.

We are not going to be left alone any sooner…we just have to adopt and survive else we shall perish.

….to be continued.

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Julius Masaba is a private investment researcher and business consultant. He’s also the Business Development Lead at Ablestate, https://www.ablestate.co/ and a WordPress writer/blogger on startups, entrepreneurship, business and finance. He loves tech. Visit: https://consultmasaba.com/

14 thoughts on “Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 2

  1. We basically part of a bigger agenda here and seems like the game were preplanned before even we got some serious leaders. So is there any possibility for us to change this or its a written script and as Africans we won’t do any much about it?
    Otherwise thanks for sharing

    1. I think it was partly scripted in the pre-colonial/pre-independence times. They left a trace behind so that even if we attain self-rule, they would come back one way or the other. Either through ‘free’ aid or through indirect force – aiding couples, arming conflicts like in Great Lakes Africa, etc.
      Partly because our leaders are greedy and have to act on the whistles of those financing their country or personally somehow. So to some extend our leaders are to blame.

  2. The fact is Africa will always struggle with poverty, we’re a wealth nation but because of neo-colonialism and corrupt puppet leaders of the western world, we shall take time to overcome. Just like you wrote, if you try to break out of their bond they create insurgency in the country untill the government is overthrown and the reinstate their puppet leaders. God help Africa

  3. Thanks Julius for wakening our mind sight.

    Well, Partly, to solve this, would require a united Africa for soul searching to find out: who we are, what are our priorities and needs politically, economically, socially etc.

    If Africa, and in particular economic communities are strong, it can be translated at national level. Though, the willingness is very important.

  4. Africa is not poor. I totally disagree when I see or hear things like ” poverty” associated with Africa. This should stop.
    They continue to utilise that slogan to keep Africa in poverty on a global view.
    The only problem with Africa, from my point of view and a fair share of my experience, is that there continues to be a very strong generational cycle of greedy families that sold themselves into greed, killed themselves in it, buried themselves in it never to be reincarnated differently and this visious cycle continues. There’s no liberation.
    My second solution is to eliminate from Africa the language called English

    1. Huh,

      Yours is a tall… but necessary order.

      Should we go China style (Swahili for our African jumuhiya or Luganda)?

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