Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 3

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What I mentioned last time are not narratives but ground facts. It is a ground fact that African governments have failed to skill their citizens in strategic areas of competence. They have also failed to invest in strategic infrastructure needed for economic development.

It is a ground fact that (Ugandan) people are literally starving to death besides having a Court of Arms that implies that we have fantastic weather.

It is a ground fact that we don’t know what to do with our vast mineral resources.

It is a ground fact that we even don’t know how to build well-functioning political systems. They are all failing, and usually crumbling from within.

From the Romans the plan was to have a common binding agreement or goal for all humans…this saw developments of religion and other binding instruments. But currently the world is moving to one that we have a common problem to solve as individuals and it’s tagged to everyone.

But again some Africans know what to do with their resources, BUT can’t do because of external factors. We can look at the Great Renaissance Dam (GRD) in Ethiopia. If it wasn’t for China, that dam wouldn’t have been anywhere. The West refused to fund it. Government of Egypt didn’t have enough money to build it.

Anyways, the dam is complete and boom, a civil war. If it were not for the resilience of the Ethiopians and China, that project would have stopped.

The only crime I see is that in Africa, the minority were given extraordinary powers and the majority cannot even say something in the presence of the minority. Their only solution is to do what the French did in their French Revolution or the Chinese during their Cultural Revolution.

But even if people do that, like it has happened in Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt. There is no philosophy on what should replace the system. We often end up with the same broken political structures that fail spectacularly in the same way. The political parties even start crumbling from within.

I recall viewing some clips or journals, a time President Museveni had his first meetings. The guy demanding for infrastructure capital from the West, but we got funds for social development and governance instead. Imagine!

Africa is being plighted by African leaders who work on behalf of the Western masters. And until we realize this part of the puzzle, our solutions will never work.

Africans provide the least value in the global economy. If we had actual value we provided no one would refuse it. You think if we produced superior products to the West they would be rejected? No, they would be accepted.

But again, how will you produce those products? Many African countries’ credit line depends on the West, no? If you attempt, they simply block your fund for that project, and if you persist and find funding to produce that product, they will hit it with unimaginable quotas.

For Magufuli, he was simply replicating the strong men of Singapore and South Korea. Those economies didn’t develop on sweet politics. It’s what Botswanans are not doing. It’s like they don’t know what to do with the diamonds. DeBeer is doing them a ‘favour’.

They (Botswana) should read about the actions of Lee Kwong and Park Chung. You will find that they did dictatorial (economic) actions to plough their nations forward. That’s what is lacking in most African countries.

In Uganda, coffee farmers make about or more than US $800 million in revenue per year. You wonder what is stopping them from raising US $100 million of that to start-up a Nestle competitor. The reason is simple they are just so stupid they don’t want to collaborate.

In the West, people pool their resources to finance bigger greater things that no single individual can achieve. We haven’t yet understood the power of teamwork. But again, you create your team and they stop you from playing in their league…there’s a reason why tariffs exist.

Also, besides that, one wonders what co-operation in Uganda can turn the silicon in ordinary sand, a very abundant resource, into CPUs & chips. Yet no exact person is stopping us from developing the capacity of doing these things. It’s just a trash political system combined with a lack of vision & non-existent philosophy.

Sometimes it is a myth that we need foreign capital to do local development. What we need is “know how” (from education and knowledge transfer) and not money to pay Chinese & Israelis to come and build roads & damns.

But again, there’s a lot we have to learn about the real world because in reality there’s ZERO altruism. We may think Africans leaders are stealing money for Joe Biden, Xi, Rishi Sunak and Macron, but hell no. At the end, they are the main beneficiaries, so yes.

It’s not that easy nor that straightforward.

You may contend that zero altruism is inexistent. You may ask if someone has kids and raises them its purely for selfish interest? When Bill Gates and others subsidise health care in Africa, is it for selfish reasons? Yes, the Bill Gates Foundation is not being altruistic to Africans.

What about the Americans, where did they borrow the money from, to do their local development? You will be surprised that they truly borrow, and their debt is passed on to us as well. There is a lot of altruism in the world. But again, if it wasn’t there, society would collapse in five minutes.

Well, just scratch a few millimetres deep and you will be disappointed…nothing is for free.

Ask yourself the role of Western Government subsidies to Western farming cartels and the objectives. They have destroyed the economies of their neighbours (Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Barbados). Do you know that over the past forty years Africa has retrogressed due to foreign economic policy. I will just give you a few examples;

1) Ghana’s nuclear program was stymied in 1960s. They had to engineer a coup to remove Kwame Nkrumah to ensure it happens.

2) Nigeria’s tomato processing plant was starved of capital, technology and upright Nigerians, so as to make way for European tinned tomato paste. West Africa has its own indigenous market for tomatoes, onions, as well as the supply of the same. Why did they stealthily interfere in this process?

3) In the late 1990s, farming men in Kasese sold their sacks of passion fruits so that they could buy Fizzy Coke for their kids. Which is healthier, the passion fruits or Fizzy Coke?

But as we said, things like hegemony happen due to African countries failing to organise properly. Foreign interests are simply taking advantage of the already broken systems. They are not solely to blame. It is like those guys who fetch fuel from trailers that crash. They didn’t cause the crash they are simply taking over.

Thomas Sankara for example, was killed by his right hand man and the citizens where complicit.

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6 thoughts on “Is Apple Bigger than Africa’s Total Economy/GDP? Part 3

  1. __Their only solution is to do what the French did in their French Revolution or the Chinese during their Cultural Revolution.__

    Why would we start a revolution when we haven’t determined what will replace the previous government & not fall for the same problems.

    1. Surely, a revolution is not necessary.
      But probably being proactive in the political and economic policy environment.

  2. Thanks Mr. Masaba for giving us the updates on neocolonialism systems we Africans are living in even when most of our African presidents are the biggest sponsors of it. So next time blog on how we youth can help in ending this situation for our off springs to live in a free world where an African can be globally inclusive in the economy and independent.

    1. Thank you so much Daniel.
      I will surely do my research and attend to that request.
      We surely need to do something as youth.

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