My Digital Marketing Success Story


30th August, 2017

By Julius Masaba

So you really want to hear my story of success? Well, you will be amazed. I learnt digital marketing in a period of just three months, through online and offline tutorials….simple as that.

And guess what, I was getting the tutorials on YouTube – I never envisioned it (YouTube) being a very educative resource other than watching movies and sports clips on it. It’s a powerful education tool for the self-starters and those into self-study.

I was doing this after work hours (online) and from home (offline). I could save the tutorials on my portable device or even watch them on my feature phone and watch them on ‘wide screen’ as I call my PC – just a 14” screen :-).

Have I told you what the digital marketing course had? Well, the course, which was facilitated by a certain tutor – an Indian chap (these Indian guys are digital geeks), a civil engineer who discovered another passion and turned it into a money minting arena.

He was running the tutorials for free by sending you or subscriber YouTube links via email. If you missed one email, that’s a step backwards. I had to open my emails daily. The course covered things like;

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Why take on digital marketing?
  3. The future of digital marketing?
  4. Paid Facebook advertising, Twittter Ads etc
  5. Building your first blog
  6. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  7. How to maximise your blog using SEO
  8. Building your website using WordPress
  9. How to incorporate social media buttons into your blog/website
  10. Making use of Facebook communities
  11. Building WordPress websites
  12. Copywriting
  13. Content marketing
  14. Types of content on content marketing
  15. Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, WordPress Analytics

…….. and so much more.

Some of the course content was new to me but I had an idea about it. It also required you to be fast at grasping steps shown in the tutorials.

But the good thing with videos is, you can go back and re-watch them and also for reference. One thing is learning at your own time.

Now, what really happened when I finished the 100 days digital marketing course?

  1. I opened up a blog. In fact I opened the WordPress blog and went on to revive another, BlogSpot. I also went further and opened a miniature website.
  2. I wrote what I call, one of my ground-breaking articles and posted it on WordPress, BlogSpot, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. If you doubt, check those social media sites. I also went on to rip the old blog posts from the old blogs, edited them and soon, I will be re-posting them soon.
  3. I started driving traffic to the article, mainly through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And I tell you what; the article received a good number of Likes on Facebook, a good number of Impressions and Tweets on Twitter. I even ended up increasing the number of Followers from 29 to 34 – now that was a good step.

A big motivating factor as the instructor in the course said “Once you get some positive feedback, 1 Like, 2 Likes, 3 Tweets etc.; which is motivation enough to continue blogging, it shows you are doing something impressive”. It also received several Clicks on LinkedIn. All these analytics speak for themselves – a success.

I also got a certificate at the end of the 100days course. And to obtain the certificate, you had to produce/extract it yourself – which was also a content of the course.

And with that said, it’s obvious for me to say I measure my success in metrics as far as digital marketing is concerned. Now it’s upon you to decide whether that is a success story. To me, it is.

Oh wait, did I tell you the website for that 100 days digital marketing course? If no, contact me privately.

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About the Writer

Julius Masaba is a private investment researcher and business consultant. He also works with Ablestate, https://www.theablestate.com/ and a WordPress writer/blogger on startups, entrepreneurship, business and finance. He loves tech. Visit https://consultmasaba.com/.