You Can Build a Profitable Business With No Office or Employees

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11th November, 2019

By Julius Masaba

One of the biggest challenges when starting out in business and even when already operating is the fact that rent can never be ignored. It’s almost the number one expense to meet before all other expenses.

After that, comes the challenge of paying the people who work for you (the staff/employees). Trust me, an unpaid employee is one of the causes of slow growth or even business failure (sometimes).

An employee with no money (delayed pay) will arrive late at work, give bad customer experience to clients, work with demotivation, think of moonlighting…..the list is endless.

You will thus start experiencing low sales, poor quality products or services, late delivery of work, etc.

This brings me to the question.

Do you want to build a super-profitable business without any office or employees?

In this article, I will be going through the 6 concepts with you, which can be of help in achieving that.

Concept 1 – Expert Positioning

First, let’s get to understand “who is an expert?”

The most basic level of an expert is someone who does things for others. Some of you call them “mercenaries”. Then comes the “do with you” experts.

But better than that are the other breed of experts who do “1-to-1 engagements” like coaching, training; where they get their clients to do the work.

The next level is “group engagement” – one to many. But the ultimate is the “digital ecosystem model”.

I had recorded a short video/clip where I was explaining something about this model, unfortunately the video got corrupted and lost it…..just like that.

However, I will find time to redo it.

Concept 2 – Mobile Learning

Were you aware that the mobile learning market is poised to grow to an estimated USD38Bn by next year? Crazy, right!!!

When you look around, you will realize that people are more into watching video clips while on-the-go; in a taxi, while waiting for a bus or traffic lights to turn green, etc. People are more comfortable learning on mobile devices than laptops or even desktop PCs.

Which means that you have to be mindful of how you create your content (articles, tutorials, videos, courses, etc.).

So, it’s all about micro learning – short videos, crisp concepts, easy-to-consume tutorials will give you an edge over others. Doesn’t matter where you are coming from but where you are headed.

However, if you step into this voyage NOW…..you are surely positioned to ride that amazing wave of plentifulness.

Concept 3 – Build Your Own Digital Eco-System

Ok, let us look Apple.

They are an eco-system, with multiple products – and they are one of the richest companies in the world.

You and I can model the same principle in our solo careers or businesses, be it a service or product business.

The consulting world being a knowledge-based and thought leadership field, will surely need such eco-system.

Because, it’s all about QUALITY and +5 – STAR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. That’s how you and I or your business can make people feel when they enter our world.

Rather than depending on public platforms to host your content (articles, video/clips, tutorials, etc.).

So as businesses and as experts, we should think of building our own digital eco-systems – with multiple products (like Apple does).

For the uninitiated, am talking traffic generation, list building (email), automated selling, building multiple flows and digital tribe building are key components to this equation.

Talking of automated selling for instance, this week Tuesday I attend a WordPress meetup at Makerere Innovation & Incubation Centre (MIIC Hub) where I learnt about integrating different Mobile Payment Gateways via WooCommerce (a plugin).

These integrations enable you or a business install things like MTN MoMo or Airtel Money, PayPal, Pesapal, JPesa, VISA, MasterCard, etc.

So that your physical store, website or blog visitors can be able to purchase items, content, etc. online automatically.

This is very common for e-commerce sites especially if you have one and selling items, content from home (minus an office or employees).

Also, one example of digital tribe building is what I have seen with European car brand manufacturers, like Land Rover (my dream car by the way).

They have this tribe of country-based car owners on social media, online forums, communities, etc. Overtime, it becomes very good for brand growth.

Concept 4 – Growing Your Influence Through Videos

People need to buy YOU first, before they buy your products or service. For this you need to understand the 3 pillars of INFLUENCE.

So many professionals (consultants, marketers, tech geeks, etc.) are doing videos like headless chicken. But there’s a deeper force that you need to tap into for conversions.

And the reason I am able to sometimes get business leads and consulting engagements…..by being authentic, presenting well researched information with a strong logic, and also caring for any clients I get. This is the secret to sustainable conversions and attracting repeat clients.

Concept 5 – Crafting a 4-Stage Info Product Funnel

If you are just trying to write one article or capture one video/clip or make one tutorial, trust me you won’t be able to make sustainable revenues.

You have to look at breaking down your entire model into 4- layers. One of these days, I will give a video example of how you can construct your funnels into 4-layers.

This is also a filtering mechanism for you to work with and serve ONLY the most deserving prospects/customers. Funnels are filters. It helps you attract the right quality of clients, crème de la crème from the pool.

Concept 6 – Video Money Funnel

When you do video funnels, you generate traffic from all different platforms to eventually bring people into your eco-system. Perfecting this step will give you the highest form of leverage in any kind of business; be it in the arts, professionals, technology, etc.

Your Next Step?

I hope you found the above 6 concepts useful.

I have barely scratched the top layer.

There’s so much more to write about and share with you. And these are all extremely powerful and proven – concepts which anyone in any field of business can implement – even if you are completely new.

Implementing this will result in a “quantum leap” in your business or online professional work.

By the way, if you’re serious about grabbing the opportunity, utilizing the online exposure, your knowledge and building a mega-profitable business (especially online) – without any office or employees, then you must take advantage of this free digital marketing fundamentals.

There are very few individuals who understand the DEPTH of this information. But those who do….. their bank account will look very different from others!!

P.S – It has taken me some time, more than a year and a half to crunch it down to these 6 core concepts. So please be good and share with whoever might need it, and to other platforms. This is a free resource!!

See you next month.

About the Writer

Julius Masaba is a private investment researcher and business consultant. He also works with Ablestate, https://www.theablestate.com/  and a WordPress writer/blogger on startups, entrepreneurship, business and finance. He loves tech. Visit https://consultmasaba.com/.

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  1. Education article. Somethings are easy when pointed out but not every one can scoop out information like this. Thank you Masaba

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